Infrastructure / Labs


The Forest Research Institute is organized in eleven research laboratories. In addition three farm/filed research stations and nine weather stations are managed by FRI's staff




Lab ext
Wildlife Management 206
Wood Science and Technology 260
Silviculture and Forest Ecology       
212, 243
Forest Pathology and Mycology
208, 222
Forest Genetics 207
Forest Entomology and Νematodes 221
Soil Science 223, 224
Rangeland ecology and Management 247
Wildfire Ecology 246

Forest Ecophysiology

Forest Management, Growth and Yield 242



Farms and Field Research Stations


Weather Stations

Πολιτική Προστασίας Προσωπικών...

Written on 07/06/2018, 07:25 by fri
      1. Ο διαδικτυακός τόπος ανήκει στο Ινστιτούτο Δασικών Ερευνών (εφεξής, ΙΔΕ). Ο εν λόγω διαδικτυακός τόπος μέσω τεχνολογικά...